The Flesh in My Life - Ghostwriter for Memoir


"The Flesh in My Life is the best tasting auto-biography you can get.

Vince has sixty recipes in his book. Each one is tried and tested deliciousness, and crucial in demonstrating the role that food has played in Vince Garreffa’s life… and emphasising his theme that food and its sharing is life itself.

Vince Garreffa’s story gives hope to all. His family had no money, he was a bed wetter into his late teens, was chastised by his folks for not having any discernible talent, and was hopeless at his first job. Even after discovering his love of the butchers life (and finding the wife of his dreams), Vince had to deal with depression, near-bankruptcy, and suicidal thoughts.

The story of how Vince Garreffa met and dealt with each hurdle is a beauty. It’s told in a straight forward fashion. He’s not pretending to be Tim Winton here – there’s hardly a metaphor in sight. Just a grateful and humble sixty year old man taking stock, and setting down his tale.

Oh, and the secret to those amazing Garlic Prawns ? It involves two pans, but you’ll have to buy this book to find out the rest – proceeds go to Lifeline." 

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